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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Cake Decorating Mommy.  I’m Amanda and I have been decorating cakes as a hobby for 3 years now.  I am a stay-at-home mom of three beautiful girls and I also homeschool them.  So, in other words, I am with them ALL THE TIME!  In order to keep myself from going completely BONKERS, I have found ways to unwind and do something for myself.  One of those things is Cake Decorating.

To make it perfectly clear from the beginning so there are no misconceptions, I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL.  I did not go to school to learn how to bake and decorate.  As a matter of fact, I am a HORRIBLE baker.  I define myself as a SELF TAUGHT CAKE DECORATOR.  Though I have to admit that I am trying my hardest to learn to bake from scratch and make it a success.  It hasn’t worked yet.  But I am confident that some day I will get the hang of it and finally produce some beautiful cakes that I not only decorated but baked from scratch.

How did my Cake Decorating journey begin?

About three years ago I was trying to make something special for my then two year old for her birthday.  I made a giant chocolate chip cookie, the size of a 12 inch pizza, along with several smaller ones (she really loved chocolate chip cookies), but I wanted it to be more GRAND than just a plain cookie with Happy Birthday written on it.  That’s when I thought it would be fun to decorate it like a winter scene, using the smaller cookies to make a snowman.  It ended up turning out better than I had hoped.

From that moment on, I had the cake decorating bug.  I kept pushing myself to try something different, learn something new, with each birthday or event that came my way.  I was so excited to create something that would WOW those around me so I fled to the one place that I knew would help me achieve that at NO COST.  The INTERNET.  It’s amazing all the information out there.  Videos, recipes, tips, tricks…it can be sooooo overwhelming.  Each time you type in Buttercream Frosting into Google it will bring you hundreds of options.  It is the same with videos on “how to (fill in the blank here).”  And don’t get me started on the TREASURE TROVE that is Pinterest.  Over the years I have tried lots of recipes, thrown away a LOT of cake, frosting, whole batches of cupcakes, you name it, the garbage has seen it, and that was when the idea for this website hatched.  Why not gather all the information that I have found that has helped me, as a NON-PROFESSIONAL, to help other mom’s, and dad’s alike, to achieve nearly professional looking cakes without having to go through all the hassles that I have had to? And so Learn Cake Decorating From Home was born.

So that is the mission of this website, to combine all the recipes, videos, reviews on great decorating tools, step-by-step directions, stories and pictures of successes and failures into one site so there will be no need to have to spend hours or days searching for the perfect strawberry filling for a wedding cake you have to make in a few months.  I am already searching and testing so you don’t have to.

Anyway, have fun cruising through the site.  If you have questions, feel free to send me a message and if I don’t have the answers, I will find them for you.  Remember that I am learning with you.  As you go on this journey, so am I, so please be patient with me if I don’t have the answers right away.  Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you have a good time and like what you see.

God Bless,


Founder of Cake Decorating Mommy

email: Amanda@cakedecoratingmommy.com

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