Craftsy Free Online Classes – Cake Decorating

Craftsy: Free Cake Decorating Classes

Craftsy FREE Online Cake Decorating Mini-Classes

Online classes can be a great benefit for those who are really busy.  And in this day and age, that means EVERYONE!  Physically going to a class is becoming more and more of a pain in the butt, and is nearly impossible for most people, and that is where the appeal is with online schooling.

Up until recently, I have learned all of my cake decorating skills from searching online and finding posts, or youtube videos, that would show me what I needed to do for a particular cake technique or design.  But over the past two years, my personal cake business has taken a bigger step by being asked to do a couple of weddings.

Now, for me, that was an instant FREAK OUT moment.  

10% Excitement, 90% complete and utter PANIC!

Wedding cakes were not in my repertoire.  (Ooh, fancy word!)  I am more of a “whimsical” cake designer.  Traditional cake design far surpassed my capabilities.  But then again, not everyone wants a giant baby monkey on their cake, or a pig driving a tractor while pulling a “stuffed” farmer, on a trailer, to the roasting pit.  These might be perfect for a baby shower and a pig roast, but not for a wedding.  So, yes, I was freaking out!

2014 Campout Themed Wedding Cake

Summer 2014 Campout Themed Wedding Cake

Luckily for me, my very first wedding clients wanted a non-traditional cake.  They wanted it to be an outdoorsy, camp-out themed cake.  So, I breathed a sigh of relief after that…

…until a couple months later when I was asked to do another wedding, for the same family, ironically, and this time, traditional was the idea.



(Boot my computer…click on Chrome…”You’ve got mail!”…wait, that’s AOL dial-up and one of my favorite Meg Ryan movies…fast forward 20+ years…Ah!  Google!)

But, where do I start?  How will I find the traditional wedding cake classes I need?  How many youtube videos will I have to watch in order to learn everything I need to know about fondant and icing flowers?

Craftsy Logo

In steps Craftsy…

I know I have been posting a lot about Craftsy, mostly featuring their sales promotions, but soon I will be sharing with you all about the classes that I will be taking from them.  But what I wanted to share with all of you today are the FREE classes.

The FREE classes are actually “mini classes” and help you to get a good feel of what an actual paid class would be like.  They are not nearly as detailed, nor do they dive in too deeply, like the longer paid classes, but they do give you a ton of information.

Here are the 4 Cake Decorating classes that Craftsy has available right now.


Modern Buttercream

Modern Buttercream

Modern Buttercream, taught by pastry chef Joshua John Russell, takes you through the proper steps of decorating a 3-tiered cake.  With 6 fantastic lessons, Joshua walks you through making Swiss Buttercream icing, assembling and trimming your cake, giving it the perfect crumb coat and final texturing, making cute little gum paste butterflies, then takes you through the process of stacking and finishing your 3-tiered creation.

Each lesson has great advice on areas that can be difficult for even the most advanced cake decorator, like sticking cakes, getting a nice smooth finish with your icing, and how to use a cake dummy to make your decorations in advance.  Included with this mini-lesson are tool lists, resources, and the recipe for the Swiss Buttercream icing featured.


Basic Fondant Technique

Free Online Class – Basic Fondant Techniques

In Basic Fondant Techniques, teacher Elisa Strauss shows you how to properly handle fondant when using it to cover a cake.  With 10 lessons packed full of information, you will learn to cover both a round and square cake, stack a two-tier cake using a dowel, make a fondant rose, bow, applique, do fondant inlays, and learn to emboss and texture fondant.

Each lesson is easy to follow and Elisa gives you great tips on how to avoid several fondant pitfalls, such as it sticking to the counter, getting pleats as you attach it to the cake, and how to smooth it out to perfection.  This mini-class comes with material and equipment lists, vanilla cake, fondant, and royal icing recipes, and lots of great resources for where to purchase cake decorating and baking supplies.


The Wilton Method Creative Cake Pops

The Wilton Method: Creative Cake Pops

This Craftsy free mini-class, taught by Valerie Pradhan, is full of great information for the beginner cake pop maker.  In this 5 Lesson class, Valerie shows you how to make the cake pop ball, add on the stick, and dip them in melted candy chocolate, so they come out nice and smooth.  Along with the basic cake pop, you will learn several techniques on how to decorate your cake pop, such as adding sprinkles, multiple dipping, marbling, making animal print, painting, using candy clay, and using color mist.

This class comes with recipes for yellow cake and buttercream frosting, cake pop instructions, and a supply list for the class.  Each lesson is easy to follow and will give you many great ideas for creating your own unique cake pops.

Screenshot (134)

The Hand-Painted Cake

The Hand-Painted Cake mini class gives you a new look into cake decorating.  Most cakes are decorated with fondant or icing, but this technique uses the art of painting.  In this 5 lesson Free mini-class, teacher Erin Schaefgen walks you through the process of painting on your cake.  Using fondant as your canvas, Erin helps you to find inspiration for your cake design, mix custom colors using food coloring gel and vodka, teaches you how to preserve the paint you’ve made, trace and then transfer your design onto the cake, and then paint it out on the fondant.  You will also learn about freehand painting and making and painting fondant cutouts to attach to your cake.

This class includes a supply list, templates for the design featured in the class, and a color guide to help you mix the colors to get the right shade for the design.


So, how do you feel about the FREE classes at Craftsy?  If you are unsure about committing to paying for a class, this is the way to go.  You will have the opportunity to try out Craftsy’s platform and get great tips and tricks in these four different areas of Cake Decorating.

Craftsy is NOT all about Cake Decorating, but also has FREE classes for several other subjects:




Food & Cooking




Paper Crafts






Let me know, in the comments below, what you think about the great classes that Craftsy has to offer and please let me know if you have taken advantage of this great resource.  There is nothing like a FREE class to get you started or to help you find a great new hobby.  I hope you enjoy this and please pass this on to friends and family.  You can also follow me on facebook and on Pinterest, or subscribe by email for all my latest posts and sales updates.

God Bless,


Craftsy: Free Cake Decorating Classes

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  1. Suzette says:

    Hi Amanda, I love this site and the articles you provide. I am not a cake baker, In fact I have never baked anything other than cassorials and chicken LOL. But I do love the ideas of online classes with Carftsy. I love to crochet and want to learn more about gardening. Thank for a pleasant and informative website to visit.

    • Amanda says:

      That is great, Suzette. You should definitely check out Craftsy’s crocheting and gardening classes. Like I mentioned, they are FREE, so there is no harm in getting them and trying them out. If you don’t like them, no harm, no foul, because you didn’t have to pay for them. I also love to crochet and I plan to check out those classes too. As far as gardening goes…I have more of a black thumb than a green. Most of my plants end up dead. 🙁

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  2. Emily says:

    hi Amanda!
    when I first started reading your post, my first though was: “how can one learn how to decorate a cake online and not in person?”. Then I remembered that it is not 1995 and that online classes can include videos and live tutorials! I mean, you could technically do it on sites like Skype or Go to meetings, as technology is endless. I really like the idea that it’s free (duh) so I think I will check it out! thanks for sharing this!

    • Amanda says:

      That’s so funny, Emily, but I totally understand what you mean. When I first started out, I didn’t think that I would be able to learn what I know now, but with youtube and great classes like Craftsy has, it has been much easier than having to actually go somewhere. The only thing that is hard is, you don’t have someone to tell you what you are doing wrong when things are not working right. But, that hasn’t stopped me, nor should it stop anyone else. I hope you find something that you will love. 🙂

  3. Tracy says:

    What a great site you have. I am interested in baking and it’s awesome there are free mini cake decorating classes. I will bookmark for future reference. Thanks!

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