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The Journey to Becoming A Cake Decorator…

Over the past three years I have been working to hone my skills in a new hobby that I discovered just before I turned 30.  Cake decorating was not even in the realm of my dreamsPrincess Birthday Cake or desires when I was growing up.  Though I do remember being jealous that my cousin was taking cake decorating classes when I was a preteen, but I never thought it would become something that I actually, truly love to do.  I’m not a professional, in any way.  I have spent hours and hours researching and trying new recipes and techniques to get where I am at today…which is just in my kitchen but with a whole lot more do-hickies, and thing-a-ma-bobs, and not to mention my first KitchenAid mixer.

Sure, there have been SEVERAL times that I would be working on a cake or cupcake order for an upcoming event and by the time I finished I would like nothing more than to chuck it at the wall.  Not from it being horrible looking, but from it being a pain in the butt to make.  But I find those are the times that I am the MOST proud of my work.  The times that I have to step out of my box to get the result that I am looking for or to meet the expectations of my clients.  Seeing the look on their faces is really what gives me that HIGH and makes come back for more.  That’s my drug of choice.  Other people’s happiness.

And that is all that matters.

I decorate cakes, even though I want to smash it before anyone sees it, because of the joy it brings people.

Many times I have been asked if it kills me to see my hard work destroyed with every knife cut.  And the truth of the matter is…NO!  I love creating and getting to the end product and I have never once been sad to see a cake get destroyed.  Some of time I wish it was me destroying it.  But then I look back at the experience and see how MUCH I have learned and I start thinking of what I could do to make my next cake better, more stress free.  How I can organize my time better or if there is a better recipe or technique out there that Birthday Cake with Fondantwould make the process smoother.

And that’s what I am here for, why I developed this website.

I am a self-taught cake decorator, no schooling, no classes, just internet research and youtube videos that helped me to develop this new hobby.  I have tried MANY different recipes and techniques that have either failed miserably or have had huge successes and I want to share my journey with those who are seeking to learn also.  I want to give you, my readers, the gift of not having to spend hours looking online and hours of time trying new things just to have to throw it all away.  I want to help you find the easiest, tastiest, best cake recipes and techniques out there so you can be successful and create something beautiful.  Please join me in my journey.




If you have any questions about certain recipes or techniques that I have not mentioned on my site, please feel free to send me a message.  Or if you have comments about your experiences, I would love to hear them.  Just remember that I am a self-taught cake DECORATOR, not a professional or a baker in anyway.  I am still working on being a  “from scratch” baker!  So bare with me if I don’t know the answers right away.  I will do the research and try my best to answer your questions and help you out or find the way you can get your answers if I don’t know them.  So please have patience.

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