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The internet is chock full of recipe after recipe for “from scratch” cakes, to frostings, fondant, and modeling chocolate that it can all be overwhelming.  I remember starting out and going crazy, with EXCITEMENT, when I saw all the possibilities of wonderful icings and fillings for cakes.  I just wanted to get my kitchen dirty from all the different concoctions to find the best ones.  One thing I learned, especially in the beginning, was that no matter if you followed the recipe to a “t” that didn’t mean it would come out right the first time and that practice and a time for trials and errors is always best when trying something new.

I remember one time I volunteered to provide three cakes for my church to give out as door prizes for a women’s conference.  I was only a few months into my new hobby and I was so excited to show off what I had learned.  So I pulled out the BIG GUNS and did a white cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting.  It was my first attempt at doing both and I found some great recipes online.  Well, that went over like a LEAD BALLOON.  The filling was runny and was coming out the sides of the layers of the cake and the frosting was not setting up well.  Not to mention, it was real cream cheese which I soon learned is COMPLETELY different in taste from the premade cream cheese frostings that you buy at the store.  The cake was a nightmare and it was practically sliding apart by the time it was handed out.  From that point on I steered clear of fillings because THAT was the real nightmare of the cake.

But as fate would have it, I have been hired to do a strawberry filled wedding cake this June. But this time I will be WELL prepared and ready for that day with a GREAT filling recipe that I will share with all of you once I find it.  And the only way to do that will be to research and try them out WAY before that wedding.

Finding and sharing great recipes is one of my favorite things to do online and here is where you will find the amazing recipes that have worked for me.  I would also be happy to hear from all of you about recipes that are your favorite and have worked great for you.  I would like this to be a community of mom’s (and dad’s) who are eager to share amazing recipes and stories of the successes and failures of the past.  Please feel free to leave a comment or share your recipe or stories below.  I would love to hear from you 🙂

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