Barbie Princess Cake

Barbie Birthday Cake 2012

This Barbie Princess cake is the result of not knowing at all what I was doing. Though it doesn’t appear that way, this cake was a pain in my butt. I didn’t have the right mold to bake the dress, so I used a glass bowl. It worked, but was not tall enough to accommodate the Barbie doll. Come to find out, you don’t actually put a whole Barbie in the middle of the cake, it is usually just a torso with a stick to hold it in the cake. (See, I had no idea what I was doing.) I ended up having to bake another two, I believe, 8 inch round cakes so it would be tall enough.

My mom and I wrapped the Barbie with plastic wrap, so it didn’t ruin the dress, or get anything on the cake because it had been played with for a long time before this, then we stuffed a paper towel tube in the middle of the cake, and put the Barbie in the tube. It worked like a charm!

I ended up running out of frosting before I was even done with this cake so I had to improvise. I believe the top ruffle part was supposed to be all white, but I ran out, so I had to fill in with the pink. Let’s just say, this was not my finest cake moment.

Side view of cake.

Fun fact about this cake, the Barbie only had one foot, the other one broke off, and it also lit up, which added a great effect.

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