Summer 2014 Campout Themed Wedding Cake

2014 Campout Themed Wedding Cake

Summer 2014 Campout Themed Wedding Cake

This very nontraditional wedding cake was my first wedding cake as a Cake Decorator. The couple were interested in making it all about their interests instead of about flowers and piping. You have no idea how relieved I was to hear that. I had only ever done “whimsical,” so traditional terrified me.

The Wedding Display

When it comes to wedding cakes, this was on the smaller side. This cake had two tiers, the bottom 8 inches, and the top 6 inches, which I secured with a cake plate and pillars that I stuck down into the bottom cake. These pillars helped to take the weight of the top, off the bottom tier, so it wouldn’t sink into the bottom cake. I was provided with the tent, fire, trees, and canoes, so I didn’t have to try and make those by hand. Because the cake was so small, that didn’t leave me much room to add the camping pieces that I was given, so I expanded the cake onto the board to add more depth. I finished it off by piping on the rocks, fish, grass, waterfall, and seaweed.

This is the back of the cake.

It took me about 4 hours to decorate and went much smoother than I thought it would, so of course, I figured something would go wrong before I delivered it. Luckily for me, nothing did and It got delivered safely and intact. The bride and groom loved the cake and it got rave reviews from all their guests.

The Bride and Groom with the cake.

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