What Is A Cake Leveler? – A Guide To Cake Levelers

serrated cake levelerLeveling cakes may be a new process for many, so finding the right cake leveler for you is a must.  Below I have compiled several cake levelers that are on the market today, though they are probably not all the ones that exist.  But the first question that needs to be answered is, what is a cake leveler?

What Is A Cake Leveler?

There are several different types of cake levelers.  Some are a handheld cake saw, of sorts, that either have a thin serrated blade, or wire, held by a U-shaped handle, which you use to “saw” through the cake.   I personally own the wire cake leveler.  Or it can also be a guide that you use to guide your knife through the cake at a straight line.

Each of these tools are used for flattening the tops of your cakes and is also used to evenly slice your cakes in half so you can have nice thin layers in your cake.

Finding What Leveler Works For You


Serrated Blade Cake Leveler

serrated cake leveler


The serrated blade cake leveler is best used for bigger cakes, like large sheet cakes, because it has a wider stance.  This leveler folds in the center so it will be more compact for storage.  The blade adjusts up and down so you can cut at the height that you wish.

Pros:  This cake will work for graduation sized cakes much better than most.  The serrated blade will easily slice through the cake and the adjustable blade allows you to cut the layers as thick or thin as you like.  Since it folds in half, it will store nicely.

Cons:  Lots of people who have reviewed this item have said that the blade is flimsy and will bend in the middle when there is too much resistance from the cake.

My Opinion:  Since I have not actually used this leveler, I can’t honestly say that it is good or bad, but I think it would still be beneficial to have, especially if you do a lot of the larger cakes, like I do.  I think, if you were to saw slowly, your chances of a nice smooth cut are better.  I also really like that it folds up.  


Rating 4



*This rating is just an opinion of what I might rate it, if I owned it.  Considering the flimsy blade, folding ability, and serrated blade, I believe I would give it a 4 cupcake rating.


Wire Leveler

wire leveler


The wire leveler uses a taut wire to slice through the cake.  Each side adjusts up and down so you can get the desired height that you want.  The wire is not sharp and the leveler is easy to use.

Pros:  The wire works really well at slicing through the cake without producing too many crumbs.  It usually makes a pretty straight cut, not causing a wavy effect at all.  It is easy to use and clean.

Cons:  With it being a wire and not a serrated blade, it can have issues starting out if the outside of the cake is over-cooked or has been cooling too long and the outside edge is drier.  This can also be a problem when trying to cut through to the other side.  Also, the little plastic foot coverings on certain brands fall off easily and get lost.

My Opinion:  I think the most annoying thing about this cake leveler is the fact that I have to start the cut out with a knife.  I mean, it isn’t a big deal, but it can be annoying.  And I lost the little plastic feet only months after having it.  Other than that, I really do like how easy it is to use.  I have no real issues cutting through the cake itself.  The problems only happen when I keep the cake out too long, uncovered.


Rating 4



DIY Cake Bread Cutter Leveler

Knife leveler

The DIY Cake Bread Cutter Leveler (long name :-)), works with two plastic knife holders that you slide your serrated knife into.  One at the handle and one at the end of the knife.  Adjust the level of cutting by detaching the knife from the holder and moving it to another slot, up or down.  Then move knife, by the handle, back and forth.  The plastic holders keep the blade straight giving you a clean, straight cut.

Pros:  These are pretty inexpensive and would work great with any large serrated knife.  Easy to attach knife and adjust the level of your cut.

Cons:  Might be easy to misplace one of the tool ends since it is a two piece tool.  Only has five adjustable levels.

My Opinion:  I have not personally used this tool, only having discovered of it’s existence while researching this post, so I cannot give an honest opinion.  But I would have to say that misplacing one of the ends would probably be a big problem of mine.  I am all the time trying to find a decorating tip or a off-set spatula, or something in the mess of a closet my cake tools go in.  I am not the most organized, so I would probably lose one or both of these all the time, though I think they would be useful and would work great to get the job done.


Rating 3



*This rating is just an opinion of what I might rate it, if I owned it.  Taking into consideration this tool having 2 pieces, and my likelihood of losing one or both pieces, I am giving it a 3 rating.  I personally would prefer a tool that has only 1 part, or all parts attached together.  I am also not sure if the height of the top notch on the tool would be high enough to level the top of the cake.  This would be a major issue if I was not cutting my cake into layers.  If I was cutting it into layers, I could cut them first and then level the top, if not, then I may not be able to reach the top. 


Multi- Level Deluxe Slicer

Multi leveler

Deluxe Cake Slicer allows you to slice the cake at several levels at once.  Each blade is individually adjustable giving you the opportunity to adjust the layers to any thickness, along with leveling the top of the cake.

Pros:  Be able to level the top and cut the layers I need in one pass.  Blades slice through cake without a problem.

Cons:  Reviews on Amazon.com show that these blades are VERY sharp and they can be difficult to adjust.  From the photos, I can’t see if there are measurements on the side of the legs to evenly adjust.

My Opinion:  So, this is considered a professional grade slicer, and in such, it is very sharp.  If you have kids around who like to take things off the counter or who want to play with all your cake tools, this may be a bit much.  I like that it slices nicely, according to reviews, but not that it is difficult to adjust.


Rating 3



*This rating is just an opinion of what I might rate it, if I owned it.  Considering that this is Professional grade and probably more than I would need, plus it would be a bit nerve-raking for me with small children in the home, I rated it with 3 cupcakes.  I think that if you had your own cake shop, then this would probably be ideal, but not at home with children.


Stainless Steel Adjustable Cake Slicer Ring

How to Level A Cake

This stainless steel adjustable cake slicer ring is one of the cake levelers that I discovered in my research.  The cake goes in the middle of the ring and you use your serrated knife to slice through the cake to make the layers and level the top.  This creates up to 6 perfectly even layers.

Pros:  Just slide this over the cake and tighten it up against the cake and slice through with a knife.  So, over all very easy to use.

Cons:  You can only use this on certain sized, round cakes.  Some reviews state that the metal slats can bend or shift.

My Opinion:  This slicer seems like it would be easy to use, but the fact that the metal could bend or shift makes me a little leery to want to buy it.  I do like the concept that I could possibly cut all my layers while the cake sat in this device.


Rating 3


*This rating is just an opinion of what I might rate it, if I owned it.  My rating is only a 3 because you are really hindered by the fact that the cake has to be round and of a certain size in order to use this.  So, this may not be used all the time.  It would probably work just fine and get the job done, but what do you do if your cake was rectangular or square?  You would have to have a different leveler for that.


Overall, I think that the best type of cake leveler to get would be either the wire leveler or a serrated blade one, even if you chose the more professional grade one.  These other tools would still work great, but I personally think they would have more complications like getting lost or only having to make round cakes.

What is your opinion?  Do you have a favorite tool to help you level and layer your cakes?  Or can you slice it like Buddy from Cake Boss, with a knife, like a Pro?  I would love to hear in the comments below.

God Bless,


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  1. Vicky says:

    What a nifty little tool. I was not even aware of this… I find this to be a big problem my cake layers always get uneven… this is a perfect solution,


    • Amanda says:

      I’m glad you found this then, Vicky. It really is an easy tool to use and it does a great job at getting the layers cut evenly. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  2. daniella says:

    This article is awesome. Every time I want to cut a cake it’s a problem. I am very happy to discover these great cutters for cakes. For sure I’ll come back!
    Thank you

  3. Sylvia says:

    Hi Amanda!
    I’m a beginner and never use these tools before.
    Most of the cake levelers are quit big.
    I’ll try the DIY Cake Bread Cutter Leveler first.
    Thanks for sharing!

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