Wilton Cake Decorating Tips – A Guide to Decorating Tips


Wilton Decorating Tips

Cake decorating tips are one of the most important tools you will use when you are decorating your cakes.  Making borders, writing, flowers, even just icing your cakes…tips are important!  With this guide to decorating tips, you can compare all the unique decorating patterns and sizes of Wilton’s Cake Decorating Tips to help you find the right tips to make your creations beautiful and professional looking.

Round Tip

Wilton Decorating Tips

Round tips are used in many different ways.  The smallest ones would be used for writing on your cake, outlining designs, adding small detail to your designs, and intricate piping.  The larger round tips can be used to make borders, animals, larger piping details, and filing in large spaces in a design.  You can also use tip #230 (the long slender one) for filling pastries and cupcakes.


Open Star Tip

Wilton Decorating Tips

The Open Star tips are mostly used for making borders and flowers.  The mouth of this tip is open, hence the name, and usually has many teeth that cause small ridges.


Closed Star Tip

Wilton Decorating Tips

The Closed Star tip makes deep ridged borders and drop flowers.  With the teeth folded in closer together, ridges are more prominent.


Basketweave Tips

Wilton Decorating Tips

Likes it’s name states, Basketweave tips are for making basket weave designs on your cake.  It can also be used to make unique borders and trim work, along with fun designs like hay bales.


Ruffle Tips

Wilton Decorating Tips

Ruffle tips also follow their name and make beautiful ruffles for borders and trim work.


Leaf Tips

Wilton Decorating Tips

Leaf tips are used to make intricate leaves for flowers, borders, and trim work.


Petal Tips

Wilton Decorating Tips

Petal tips are for making more detailed and realistic flowers, usually made on a flower nail and then transferred onto the cake.  You can also use them for ribbons, swags, bows, and ruffles.


Drop Flower Tips

Wilton Decorating Tips

Drop Flower tips are for making drop flowers, or single, simple flowers that can be pre-made with royal icing or easily placed on cakes as you are piping it out.  The unique feature about some of these tips, as opposed to star tips that you can also use for drop flowers, is that several of them meet in the middle.


Multi-Opening Tips

Wilton Decorating Tips

Multi-opening tips usually have several holes, instead of just one, and can be used to make grass, clusters of stars and flowers, beads, and rows of string.


Left-Handed Tips

Wilton Decorating Tips

Left-Handed Tips are a collection of tips that are for left-handed people so they can make flowers and other designs without frustration.


Specialty Tips

Wilton Decorating Tips

Specialty tips are a collection of varying tips that make special designs like Christmas trees, hearts, flowers, shells, and ropes.


Wilton Decorating Tips are used often in my home and are found almost as often stuck in my garbage disposal.  I have enjoyed learning how to use these tips over the past several years and I am still learning.  I do have to say one of my favorite tips to use is the grass tip.  It is so satisfying to see how transformed a cake can be with a little grass…or a lot. 🙂  What is your favorite tip?


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